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website design with an attitude


fat cat's collection of prototype websites


As web designers, we have a great many tools available, but recognize that simplicity is often the more elegant solution.

However, if Flash or other special effects works for your company or organization's image, then we can deliver whatever it takes.

See a few of our designs in action:

OHVtraining.org - trainer
JoyOnTheJob.info - author
SteamPlant.org - Friends of the SteamPlant Theater and Event Center
BussingConstruction.com - Build it Green Contractor
TheButchersTable.com - Fine Dining
- versatile design - can be adapted to most uses
Gone To The Dogs - retail
Lani Irwin.com - art portfolio
JamesCamp.com - currently a resume, however, it can be adapted to showcase a business
MoreJoyOnTheJob.com - blog with podcasts
- realtor
GPSmapSource.com - versatile design - can be adapted to most uses
GPSing.com - Portal
DoubleGFarms.com - show arena, bed & breakfast
SteamPlant.org/theater - Theater event




Want a flashier image? Watch the Fat Cat flash his stuff!

Fat Cat